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IKO Torch On Systems

iko torch on systems

IKO's range of torch-applied membranes come in APP or SBS.

Whether it's a new build or a refurbishment, there is a solution to meet every budget.

IKO's range of torch applied membranes have been in use in Ireland since the early 90's and have built a very successful portfolio, to date installing over 1,000,000m2. Each installer of the IKO system must be certified by IKO in order to be classified as an approved contractor and qualify under IKO’s premium Warranties

Torch-on membranes have an underside which has been pre-treated with a covering of thermofusible bitumen. This covering is then heated with a propane gas torch and the membrane is applied to the surface of the roof while the bitumen is still hot.

Bi-Armour is a 4.5mm high performance APP Modified waterproofing cap sheet with a ceramic rock granule finish. Bi-Armour carries a special polyester-glass dual reinforcement, which combines the high tear strength and puncture resistance of polyester with the dimensional stability of glass. Bi-Armour has a cold bend of -20C and can be applied in a multi-layer APP roof system partially or fully torch bonded or fixed with cold glue. Bi-Armour also comes with system approvals for single-ply application.

Download Bi-Armour Data Sheet (PDF)

Armourgum is an APP modified waterproofing membrane with a 180 gr. polyester inlay. It is suitable for both top layers and under layers of APP roofing systems. Armourgum is available in 3mm & 4 mm thickness for smooth membranes and 4mm thick for granule surfaces. All membranes are foil backed for torch application.

Download Armourgum Data Sheet (PDF)

Glassgum is an APP modified base sheet reinforced with a fibreglass inlay. It can be used as a base sheet in a two layer, or multiple APP roof system.

Glassgum is available in:

  • 2mm thickness - commonly used as a vapour barrier (first layer of waterproofing) torch bonded to the deck
  • 3 mm thickness - Commonly used as underlay (third layer of waterproofing) torch bonded

Both have a talc finishing on the top surface and foil on the bottom.

Download Glassgum 2mm Data Sheet(PDF)

Download Glassgum 3mm Data Sheet(PDF)

IKO Root Repellent is an APP modified waterproofing membrane with a 180 gr. polyester inlay and the addition of a root-repelling element. It is applied mainly as a top layer of APP roofing systems. Anti - Root is available as 4 mm thickness for smooth membranes. Top surfaced with Talc, underside provided with a thermo fusible film.

Download Root Repellent Data Sheet (PDF)

IKO Protectoboard is fabricated with an asphaltic core sandwiched between two layers of non-woven glass fibre reinforcement and is unique to the IKO System. This offers remarkable reliability, while also offering a construction that is compatible with Mastic Asphalt and Torch-on membranes. IKO Protectoboard is most commonly used as a cover board over insulation on Torch on systems, it acts an an extra waterproofing layer while also protecting the insulation.

This provides a dimensionally stable and moisture resistant substrate. It is also used as an Isolation layer when recovering roof's with existing Asphalt, Torch-on, PVC or EPDM membrane. Protectoboard can also be applied as a protective layer over the waterproofing material in the construction of bridge and Podium decks.

Download Protectoboard Data Sheet (PDF)

IKO ArmourFix APP is a 2mm thick underlay used as part of a multi layer system. It is a glass fibre reinforced APP underlay with a bitumen thermofusible film on the face and a fleece on the underside. It is used in a mechanically fixed system where the top layer is torch applied, this activates the bitumen and provides the adhesion between the top layer and under layer.

Download ArmourFix APP Data Sheet (PDF)