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IKO Green System

iko green roof from The Roof Centre

The IKO Green system has been specifically developed for use in green roof and garden roof applications in both:

  • Intensive green roof systems: These are accessible gardens that offer almost limitless design variations and a usable garden space. An intensive garden requires maintenance and management throughout the year
  • Extensive green roof systems: Utilises low maintenance plants such as succulents, herbs and grasses that do not require regular watering. These are not accessible roofs and require low maintenance

The comprehensive product range developed with the IKO green system for green roofs is being constantly adapted to the changing requirements of designers and the ever changing regulations and new industrial standards. In order to incorporate a properly functioning roof garden in a project in addition to suitable roof cladding, high quality planting components are required. Our roof garden products consist not only of a comprehensive range of materials for root protection, resistance to fire spread, drainage, water retention and planting substrates but also of a variety of plants & accessories for the various applications.

Why have green roofs?

  • Enhances environment
  • Improves the aesthetic appearance
  • Controls storm water run-off into surface water drainage system
  • Reduces noise transmission by upgrading acoustic performance
  • Reduces energy consumption due to better thermal values
  • Improves ambient air quality
  • Increases life expectancy of the water proofing membrane
  • Intensive roof gardens can be accessed for recreational use